Side project for income

As I begin to grow my agency I still need to put food on the table. Lucky that I am a web geek and have registered a lot of domain names over the years. I bought a guide called Domain Flipping Guide which has shown me easiest ways I can sell these for profit.

I have sold 7 of my domains so far on Flippa for combined total of €2.400. This has paid my rent for 2 months while I grow the studio agency. I probably will do more in future when I have time but for now it was cool to make money for old domain name urls I won't use!

Finding my brand

I have been working on the branding for my own web agency here in Turin, and the process has been pretty stressful. There's just so much to do. First I had to think of a brand name. I found a site called Maker Monikers which although I did not find a good name for me personally, it did give me an idea which was available and I have chosen. I'll reveal the name later!

Next steps: Begin work on the actual branding, set up invoicing, a basic website, and find a accountant!

I quit!

I did it! I finally quit my job working for "the man". I am happy for the 7 years spent learning front end design, UX, and product management but I wanted to do my own thing for long time and now I can.

I will take few months now to go and travel (I still have 1-2 clients as freelance) and then I see what's next!

Hello world...

Welcome to my blog. There is not much here yet, I don't have an about page or a contact me page or a portfolio page or social media links! Wow I should really do those things...

Anyway my name is Daniel and this is my personal blog website. It really is for me to journal and I don't expect anybody to visit it any time soon.

In the future I will announce what I am doing in my life and business (for friends/family who care) and maybe you learn something from it - maybe not!