WordPress and Thrive

I've been working a lot in WordPress recently and this has led me to an incredible plugin called the Thrive Architect. It's a page builder that lets you visually design pages within WordPress using drag/drop and it's been a game changer for us.

I visually designed a complete layout for a client and the whole design took less than 30 minutes!

This is something I like to have on my resume and I already have handful of potential new clients after being recommended to friends by this one. Exciting times with WP.

If you like the design and want something similar for your own website, please get in touch and see if we can work together.

New design client

This is really just a quick post to show off the design work I've been doing for a new client website, a blog called We Want Websites

For this project, I designed the base WordPress theme, along with the featured images for the following posts:

I also provided the client with the PSD files for the featured images and a framework for quickly creating new ones - they seemed very happy with this!

If you like the design and want something similar for your own website, please get in touch and see if we can work together.

Micro clients

I still search for bigger clients to provide good money for my new business, but recently I have been working with what I would call "micro clients".

These are smaller, one off jobs, and usually only 1-3 hours of work per client fixing/changing basic things.

For example: on binchecker.io I was tasked to make the search form mobile responsive (1 hour), and on bankcodes.io (same client) I made the tables mobile responsive. For another client, I worked on the branding and color scheme for them - a 2 hour job.

I like these micro tasks it help me to learn new things and improve my work flow for bigger clients in future.

Side project for income

As I begin to grow my agency I still need to put food on the table. Lucky that I am a web geek and have registered a lot of domain names over the years. I bought a guide called Domain Flipping Guide which has shown me easiest ways I can sell these for profit.

I have sold 7 of my domains so far on Flippa for combined total of €2.400. This has paid my rent for 2 months while I grow the studio agency. I probably will do more in future when I have time but for now it was cool to make money for old domain name urls I won't use!

Finding my brand

I have been working on the branding for my own web agency here in Turin, and the process has been pretty stressful. There's just so much to do. First I had to think of a brand name. I found a site called which although I did not find a good name for me personally, it did give me an idea which was available and I have chosen. I'll reveal the name later!

Next steps: Begin work on the actual branding, set up invoicing, a basic website, and find a accountant!

I quit!

I did it! I finally quit my job working for "the man". I am happy for the 7 years spent learning front end design, UX, and product management but I wanted to do my own thing for long time and now I can.

I will take few months now to go and travel (I still have 1-2 clients as freelance) and then I see what's next!

Hello world...

Welcome to my blog. There is not much here yet, I don't have an about page or a contact me page or a portfolio page or social media links! Wow I should really do those things...

Anyway my name is Daniel and this is my personal blog website. It really is for me to journal and I don't expect anybody to visit it any time soon.

In the future I will announce what I am doing in my life and business (for friends/family who care) and maybe you learn something from it - maybe not!